Nurse Registry Licencing, Accreditation, Compliance

Start Ups:

  • Application for License
  • Consulting regarding Policies, Patient Files, Human Resource Files
  • Customized Policy and Procedure Manual / Forms.

 Cost of all of the above is approximately $4,000.00*
 *Paid over a four month period

Other services available:

  • Licensing Applications $1,000.00
  • Compliance Audits: Review of Clinical Files, Human Resource Files, Licensure $120.00/hour
  • Customized Policy and Procedure Manuals $1,000.00
  • Accreditation
  • Plan of Corrections
    Clinical File Audits
  • Human Resource File Audits
  • Mock Surveys
  • Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Hourly Consultation available
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Nurse Registry Compliance
Premium Consulting will work with your organization to customize a compliance program tailored to fit your needs and budget.
Monthly Compliance Subscription

Monthly compliance consulting program as low as $250.00 per month. Includes guidance with maintaining compliance with state, federal and accreditation requirements. Also included are the following:

  • policy and procedure reviews
  • human resource documenation review
  • patient documentation review
  • human resources file reviews
  • patient file reviews

Nurse Registry Accreditation

    Customized Accreditation Program Includes:

  • Accreditation Application Submission
  • Submission of Documents to Accreditation Company
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Review of Sampling of Clinical Files
  • Review of Sampling Human Resources Files
  • Quality Improvement Program Review
  • One-on-One Consultations on correcting deficiencies found
  • Submission of any required corrections  to accrediting body
  • Individual Post Survey Assessment
Cost of all of the above is approximately $7500.00 
Customized Policy and Procedure Manuals $1000.00
Cost of Accreditation Consulting paid over a six month period.
Cost of Policies and Procedures paid at time they are ordered.
Please be aware that this cost does not include the fee of the accreditation company.

Premium Consulting’s customized accreditation program sets itself apart from other accreditation consulting because of the personalization of our services. 
All consulting is done on a one-on-one basis at your place of business. We will work with administrative staff to ensure that office, files and staff are ready for inspection.

Discount may be provided if combining services, please call 305-362-9322 or e-mail for a personalized consultation and quote.

Home Care Service Pool

  • A home care service pool places licensed, certified or trained persons at health care facilities or other business entities to support or supplement the facilities’ work force in temporary work situations such as employee absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal workloads, and special assignments and projects.
  • A home care service pool cannot provide private duty services or enter into direct contracts with individuals to provide services in patient’s home or place of residence.
  • A home care service pool cannot qualify for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements or Medicaid Waiver.
Home Care Service Pool Services include:

Start Ups:

  • Application for License
  • Customized manual, and Consulting regarding Policies, Human Resource Files, Corporate Requirements, Quality Improvement. 
  • Cost of all of the above is approximately $2,000.00.
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Other services available:

  • Licensing Applications
  • Compliance Audits:  $120/hour (Review of Human Resource Files, Licensure.)
  • Plan of Corrections
  • Human Resource File Audits
  • Hourly Consultation available