Home Health Agency Licensing, Accreditation, Compliance

It’s no secret that the home health care industry is booming. America is home to an aging population.  By 2020, an estimated 17% of the entire population will be 65 or older.  That’s 50 million men and women who will be increasing their reliance on the healthcare industry as a whole.  Recent AARP survey results show that nearly 90 percent of those over 55 plan to stay in their homes (though roughly 20% will be forced to transfer into nursing homes or assisted living facilities).

It’s also no secret that the home health care industry has been facing its share of struggles. Agencies have recently dealt with increased scrutiny and additional regulations.  The increase in demand has also left home health care agencies faced with the challenge of finding qualified staff.

Choosing a health care consultant which is right for your company will make a huge difference not only in the immediate success but also in the future success of your company.

At Premium Consulting, we are home healthcare business consultants, specializing in starting home healthcare agencies, assisting home healthcare agencies in receiving accreditation with Joint Commission, CHAP or ACHC, working with home healthcare agencies to receive deemed status for Medicare accreditation as mandated and assisting clients with ongoing compliance.

Our strength in working with our clients comes from the fact that we customize our consulting services to your needs. Whether your staff has extensive experience in the industry or is new to the industry, we can help guide you through the licensing and accreditation process. We will work with you to develop an ongoing compliance program to ensure your continued compliance with state, federal and accreditation standards.

Our consulting services for home health agencies include:

  • AHCA Applications $1,000.00
  • Medicare Applications $750.00
  • Medicaid Applications $500.00
  • Waiver Applications $500.00

The State of Florida as well as other states requires accreditation as a prerequisite to obtaining a Home Health Agency License.

*paid in six months

  • Joint Commission Accreditation
  • CHAP Accreditation
  • ACHC Accreditation
  • Clinical File Review
  • Human Resources File Review
  • Licensing
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Quality Improvement

Home Health Agency Accreditation

Home Health Agency Accreditation Consulting Services Include:

Cost of all of the above is approximately $7500.00 
Customized Policy and Procedure Manuals $1500.00
Cost of Accreditation Consulting paid over a six month period.
Cost of Policies and Procedures paid at time they are ordered.
Please be aware that this cost does not include the fee of the accreditation company.

Premium Consulting’s customized accreditation program sets itself apart from other accreditation consulting because of the personalization of our services. 
All consulting is done on a one-on-one basis at your place of business. We will work with administrative staff to ensure that office, files and staff are ready for inspection.


Home Health Compliance Audits

Key areas of home health non-compliance include:
Medical Necessity – The organization must validate that all services were provided to patients upon a physician’s order and according to the plan of care approved by the physician.

Home Health Regulatory and Compliance Provisions – The organization must validate that patients were homebound, required intermittent skilled services, and services were reasonable and necessary for treatment of the patient’s condition.
OASIS Data – The organization must validate that specific timelines were met regarding certification, recertification, and discharge. Also, that all relevant aspects of the assessment were made and carried over to the plan of care.

Documentation – The organization must validate that there is appropriate documentation of skilled nursing, skilled therapies (PT, OT, ST) and adequately supervised services of Licensed Practical Nurses, Physical Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Home Health Aide and Social Work Assistant according to standards.
Coding guidelines – The organization must validate that coding guidelines are followed to ensure proper payments.

Premium Consulting will work with your organization to customize a compliance program tailored to fit your needs and budget.

Compliance Audit

Compliance audits will cover state licensing requirements, Medicare Conditions of Participation and accreditation requirements. Detailed reports will be provided and we will work with you to correct deficiencies found. New processes will be developed with your staff to ensure ongoing compliance.

A compliance audit can be performed for as little as approximately $1000.00. Do not hesitate to contact us for a more detailed quote.

Monthly Compliance Subscription

Monthly compliance consulting program available as low as $250.00 per month. Includes guidance with maintaining compliance with state, federal and accreditation requirements. Also included are the following:

  •  human resources file review
  • clinical file review
  • review of annual education
  • review of quality improvement
  • review of meeting minutes

Discount may b provided if combining services, please call 305-362-9322 or e-mail mabel.premium@yahoo.com for a personalized consultation and quote.